EightB+ Chalk Bags


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You don't have to be scared of any climb, because the 8BPlus Chalk Bag is the real monster, and when it's strapped to your behind, you better climb as fast as you can. As time passes, you'll understand that 8BPlus' monsters are as friendly as a teddy bear, except more helpful because they hold two chalk brushes. Plus, you can pick chalk out of their brains, so who's the real monster?


  • Chalk bag for monstrous climbing routes
  • Soft pile lining for ideal chalk distribution
  • Stiffened rim for easy dipping
  • Brush holders on monster arms
  • Drawstring closure seals chalk in


Listed alphabetically for the ideal reading experience:

Alex: Chalk addict, does not know rest days

Bruno: Calm, tough, charming

Donald: Hot-blooded, fun, jug-crazy

Felix: Crazy, strong, loves chalk

Floyd: Trustworthy, loyal, sweet natured

Leo: Faster, better, stronger, I am Leo!

Max: Always looking for trouble

Moritz: Cheeky rascal, eats others' chalk

Pam: Beastly, fierce, furious

Peppi II: Freaky, wild, hungry for chalk

Phil: Wacky, animated, quick